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Changes to our App Newsletter


We've had the App Newsletter around for a couple of years and a percentage of our users really love it. Still, as the App Store continues to grow, so does our coverage. It seems we're posting more reviews than ever, and a lot of them are missed in the current newsletter.

Originally meant as a vehicle for our Daily iPhone Apps (some of which weren't that good), the current newsletter today goes out around 11AM ET on Fridays. Starting Monday, October 21, 2013 we'll switch it to a daily email that goes out around 5 PM ET.

Each newsletter will have three stories about apps. Most will be reviews, but we'd be remiss to not alert you to important items like major updates and upcoming hot apps.

Here's hoping you enjoy the new format and considering sharing with friends. To subscribe, just enter your email address in the field shown in the pic on this post (it's on the right side of the page). Look for more newsletters coming soon as well!

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