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Endless Space expands again with free Search For Auriga DLC


Proving that "Endless Space" isn't just a cute title, Iceberg Interactive has announced a new, free expansion for the 4X strategy game that adds new heroes and a new planet type.

Developed by Amplitude Studios, The Search For Auriga "will include new heroes, a special wonder, a unique planet, in addition to new features such as Rally Points as well as AI and balancing improvements." Though the prior sentence includes all information currently known about The Search For Auriga, Iceberg Interactive assures fans that more details will emerge soon. How soon? That's unclear, but with this DLC currently slated to launch in November, it should be imminent.

The one caveat applied to this otherwise free expansion pack is that it will not work with just the base game of Endless Space. Instead, players will need to own Endless Space and the Disharmony expansion pack in order to play The Search For Auriga. To make this easier on players, Iceberg points out a currently ongoing Steam sale that reduces the cost of Endless Space Gold (a bundle including the original game and the Disharmony expansion) by 75 percent, to only $8.74. This sale ends on October 19; if you're interested, hurry.

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