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Killzone Mercenary tacks on another massive patch


The good news is that Killzone Mercenary has received a new update designed to improve online functionality; the bad news is that this is yet another patch that will occupy greater than 1GB of your Vita's storage.

Alongside improving the game's online multiplayer, the update is also designed to create a better distribution of spawn points in multiplayer maps. Additionally, the patch includes " a number of stability fixes, to address some of the crashes that have been reported." As with all Vita game patches, this update should be applied the next time players fire up Killzone Mercenary, assuming they have the requisite free space.

If all of this sounds familiar, it should: Developer Guerrilla Cambridge released a 1.1GB update for Killzone Mercenary immediately following its September launch which was also aimed at improving the game's online functionality. As we mentioned in our review, lag has been a problem for Killzone Mercenary since its debut.

Realizing how much of a hassle it can be to download patches of this magnitude onto a Vita handheld, Sony offers the following: "We're currently investigating solutions to reduce the overall size of the title and free up more of your valuable memory card space," states the "We hope to be able to share more news on that work very soon. However, it seems unlikely to us that the overall size of the downloaded game, plus the patch, will ever be under 4GB."

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