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Breakfast Topic: Do you play with someone you met first via the WoW social community?


A recent Breakfast Topic examined how many of you play on realms that've organized their own web sites or social media pages. Following that question to its natural conclusion, let's share our morning coffee or tea over this question: Do you play with anybody you first encountered via the greater online WoW community or social media?

It used to represent quite a stretch to leap across the real life/in-game chasm or vice versa. At the game's launch, not many players were comfortable connecting with guildmates via Facebook, traveling to a guild meetup, or networking with local players or realm mates at events like BlizzCon. But as people have learned to navigate online relationships and social media with safety and confidence, we're opening up to the possibility of more connections extending outside the game itself.

Most of the time, the connection starts in the game and then reaches out to friendships in social media or real life -- but other times, we meet in the greater WoW community at large and end up friending and connecting with one another within Azeroth. Heck, I see readers connecting in the comments of 15 Minutes of Fame and Random Acts of Uberness on a not-so-infrequent basis.

Do you play with someone you originally met outside the game via the online WoW community or social media?

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