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Dungeons and Dragons Online players protest True Heart changes


A number of Dungeons and Dragons Online players are currently in the midst of an in-game sit-in spurred by Turbine's plan to remove the primary method for acquiring True Hearts of Wood, a necessary item for the game's True Reincarnation skill. The hearts, available via trade-ins of Tokens of the Twelve earned by dungeon running and other tasks, will require several times more tokens from epic-level sagas after DDO Update 20 goes live. In addition to the increase, the tokens are now character-bound, instead of account-bound, requiring even more farming.

The change has stirred unrest in the Dungeons and Dragons Online community, resulting in high-profile, multi-page forum threads along with the in-game sit-in that has now lasted for over 24 hours. The sit-in is currently focused on the Wayfinder server; dozens of players now occupy the city of Stormreach under the guild tag "Update Twenty Killed Me."

According to the DDO forum's dev tracker, no Turbine employee has offered a response to any of the protest threads.

[Thanks to Robert for the tip!]
[ Editor: Changed wording to clarify token issue.]

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