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Sony vid takes you through 18 years of PlayStation in one bedroom


Above you'll find a clever video that touches on the cultures of three decades and experiences of four different PlayStation consoles, all from one London bedroom. It's so weird to think the PlayStation brand is 18 years old, going on 19, which means I've been enjoying PlayStation games for more than half my life - and I'm ooooold.

My earliest memory of PlayStation is really getting into the self-explanatory Destruction Derby, a game made by the studio that's now Ubisoft Reflections, and a franchise that has been in the wilderness for far too long. Also, while I'm so very ooooold now, I was (almost) young and wimpy enough to find the first Resident Evil kind of scary.

No really, I did ... okay, stop laughing now.

Some 6,922 days after the first PlayStation hit Japanese retail shelves, the PlayStation 4 arrives in North America on November 15. Time to share your earliest PlayStation memories in the comments. Anyone have to do the "turn it over" trick?

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