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2DS down to £99 at some UK retailers

Jordan Mallory

Nintendo's brand-new 2DS handheld, which launched alongside Pokemon X/Y earlier this month, is already about £10 cheaper at certain retailers in the United Kingdom. Originally priced at £109.99, the svelte little device can now be had online for £99 from Amazon UK and Tesco Direct.

A couple of brick and mortar installations are also on the discount train, with Sainsbury's matching Amazon's price drop and Argos running its own £99 bundle promotion from tomorrow through October 26, MCVUK reports.

It's important to note that this is not an official price drop from Nintendo, but rather a bunch of British retailers taking a proactive stance on pricing ahead of the imminent holiday shopping season. Regardless, £10 works out to about $400,000 at today's imaginary exchange rates, so it's still worth doing.

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