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Facts and figures from Apple's October event


Update (2 PM): Added Apple's numbers from the iPad section of the event

Today at Apple's iPad event in San Francisco, CEO Tim Cook took the stage to reveal some facts and figures on how the company's products are performing -- some of which we already knew. Here's all the brag-worthy numbers:

  • 9 million iPhones were sold on launch weekend (we knew that already)
  • 200 million iOS devices were running iOS 7 after the first five days
  • Today, two-thirds of all iDevices are running iOS 7
  • 20 million users have tried iTunes Radio, listening to more than 1 billion songs
  • Over 1 million apps are currently housed on the App Store, with over 60 billion downloads
  • Apple has paid developers more than US$13 billion dollars
  • 170 million iPads sold
  • 81 percent of tablet usage is coming from iPads
  • 475,000 iPad apps

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