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Last Week in WoW: Almost time edition


Happy Tuesday morning, everyone. BlizzCon draws nearer and nearer, and as it draws nearer, tantalizing tidbits abound. From renaming games to revealing panel schedules, we have it all laid out in our roundup below. We also have the usual sprinkling of news and guides to help you get the most of patch 5.4.

Downtime today is limit to rolling restarts at 7 a.m. PDT, with realms scheduled to be down no more than 15 minutes apiece. Still, a morning news break is a pretty decent way to spend a Tuesday morning, right? Read on.

Hot news and features

  • Recruit-A-Friend updates are the way. It looks like you'll get special currency to trade in for mounts and pets, including possibly the discontinued ones.
  • Blizzard All-Stars has been renamed Heroes of the Storm.
  • Ghostcrawler hinted that the new spec and talent system is likely here to stay.
  • Does flexible raiding have magic breakpoints in raid size? CM Bashiok makes it clear that isn't the intent. Lead Encounter Designer Watcher chimed in later with some commentary of his own.
  • You have one more day to win a copy of Trivial Pursuit World of Warcraft edition.
  • Blizzard hosted some PvP round-tables with some of the biggest names in WoW PvP this past weekend.
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