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Scale reward tiers just got bigger: $20 gets 5 extra indie games


Scale has raised $41,000 in three days on Kickstarter, almost half of its $87,000 goal, and its reward tiers keep growing. A new $20 tier called "Friends of Scale" offers a copy of Scale developer Steve Swink's LA Game Space project, Inputting, along with Steam keys for Incredipede, Osmos, Electronic Super Joy and Noitu Love 2. You'll also get Scale, of course. The new $15 tier includes a copy of Scale and Inputting.

The Kickstarter updates for Scale each take place in-game and show off the mechanics, puzzles and strategies players can expect from the final build. The second update provides a look at Scale's resizing gun once it becomes outrageously powerful and can no longer hit individual objects – instead it shrinks and grows entire worlds. Plus this update shows a really embarrassing photo of Swink himself.

Take a peek at more improv Scale gameplay in the first update below.

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