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Amazon takes a dig at iPad Air with Kindle Fire HDX ad


Apple is no stranger to its competitors taking shots at its work. Some of them are downright hilarious. But at least they're usually fair comparisons. Amazon took yesterday's announcement of the iPad Air as an opportunity to subtly dig at Apple and promote its Kindle Fire HDX tablet.

You can see the ad above. What the ad doesn't say is that the Kindle Fire HDX is lighter than the iPad Air because it isn't the same size as the Air. The Fire HDX indeed is lighter than the Air's one-pound weight, at 0.82 pound. But it also features nearly an inch smaller screen, 8.9 inches for the Fire to Apple's 9.7-inch Retina display.

Shockingly, a bigger screen means a 0.18-pound difference in weight. So yes, be aware that the iPad Air is a little heavier than the Fire HDX. We would still recommend the iPad Air over the fire HDX if only for the 64-bit processor that smokes the Fire's 32-bit engine. We promise. It's worth the extra time you'll spend working out to make sure you don't get tired lifting that extra 0.18 pound.

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