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Path of Exile launch-day roundup

MJ Guthrie

With a patch as big as today's, you have to wonder what Path of Exile has in store for players after launch. And starting now, you can find out. Today the free-to-play action MMO breaks from the bonds of beta and bursts into land of launched titles. But if you think that launch for Path of Exile is just an exercise in switching labels, think again. Two new four-month challenge leagues will offer new and old players alike a fresh start alongside the launch; players can join the Domination league with the new shrine system or the hardcore league Nemesis, where death means converting to a standard character.

Whether you've been climbing those league ladders all the while or you're jumping in to experience the game for the first time, there's plenty of content to keep you occupied. If you need something to pass the time until you can log in this launch day or you want to get a leg up on the competition, check out this collection of updates, interviews, and hands-on experiences.

Path of Exile hands-on: The sequel Diablo II deserved
I've spent the past few weeks smashing up monsters in the Path of Exile open beta and absolutely loving it. I can honestly say that Path of Exile is the sequel Diablo II deserved.
Path of Exile patches in guilds, classes, and balance changes before launch
It's not fair to call Path of Exile's pre-launch patch a kitchen sink patch; this is big enough to include the sink, dishwasher, fridge, and probably a good chunk of the dining room besides.
Path of Exile 1.0, Steam, and sweet, sweet revenge
If you're in need of a healthy dose of monster-bashing, clicky goodness, nothing is better for you than the soon-to-be-Steamed Path of Exile. I'll let that sink in.
Not So Massively: Dota 2's 5 million players, Path of Exile's death penalty, and Blizzard as an 'indie'
Star Citizen revealed details of the Hurston Dynamics corporation and jump-hub star system Terra in two new Galactic Guide lore articles this week.
Not So Massively: Path of Exile's Twitch integration, Prime World's open beta, and Elite's IPO
Star Citizen asked backers to stop reselling exclusive ship models with lifetime insurance via the forum and warned buyers that these purchases are at their own risk.
Path of Exile introduces Descent Events
Path of Exile, despite not actually being out yet, has a reputation for holding special events that challenge its most loyal and hardcore players and offer them a slight break from the normal day-to-day of killing monsters in dungeons.
Path of Exile's next update adding Challenges and more
Grinding Gear Games has published a humongous post detailing Path of Exile's 0.11.0 patch. The content drop is currently scheduled for Wednesday, June 5th, and it looks to include a number of tweaks and rebalances designed to improve your dungeon-crawling gameplay experience.
Not So Massively: Dreamhack 2013, news from E3, and Path of Exile battles RMT
This week saw the world's largest annual LAN party get underway as Sweden played host to DreamHack Summer 2013 and a series of live cash-prize competitive game tournaments.
Path of Exile Season Two starts April 19th, adds solo challenge
Although still in open beta, Path of Exile has already wrapped up one round of its popular race events, where players joined short-term leagues on brand-new characters in a race to complete objectives and rack up points.
Path of Exile interview reveals plans for player-generated races
Although there is no Some Assembly Required in the title, don't let that fool you; today's focus is on one of the founding precepts of this column, player-generated content.
Path of Exile update adds new maps, overhauls audio, and improves art
With Path of Exile's open beta well under way, players can expect changes here and there as issues are addressed and bugs are squashed. Yesterday, Grinding Gear Games rolled out a new update that included reworked audio and updated artwork as well as added 11 new types of maps.

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