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Report: New devs at work on Dark Matter following mass dismissal


Though a new ending for the controversial Dark Matter is supposedly in the works, a Gamasutra report claims that the game's development staff has already been laid off.

As reported yesterday, players were incensed by the cliffhanger ending seen in Dark Matter. Instead of a satisfactory conclusion, the game simply offers players an abrupt "To be continued ..." despite a notable lack of current plans for a sequel. Complaints about the ending poured in so rapidly that both Steam and Good Old Games opted to give customers refunds for the game.

In a message posted to the Dark Matter community on Steam, CEO of publisher Iceberg Interactive Erik Schreuder blames the problematic ending on the failure of the Dark Matter Kickstarter effort. This is crucial, as Gamasutra claims that the fundraiser's collapse not only crippled the game, but also led to the dismissal of the majority of Interwave Studios' staff (including almost all of the developers who worked on Dark Matter).

Gamasutra's report claims that a new developer has been handed the task of building a better ending for Dark Matter, but that this unnamed studio includes none of the original development staff. It's currently unknown when (or if) this hypothetically improved finale will appear.

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