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The Daily Grind: Would you rather use mats to craft or make money?


With each new MMO that I dig into, there's always that looming question I must address from the start: Do I want to pursue crafting or just be a gatherer-supplier?

Crafting has a lot going for it: delayed gratification, potentially big rewards, self-reliance, and satisfaction for making your own gear. It's also not a terrific money-maker in most games in the beginning (in fact, it's often a money pit), it takes a long time to do, and sometimes it's just easier to farm or buy gear elsewhere.

I usually choose to gather and sell materials to make money, because then I can just buy what I want. Plus, I like being well-off in games -- you never know when you'll need a huge chunk of cash for that tempting purchase!

What about you? Would you rather use mats to craft or make money?

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