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Virgin Gaming pushes new eSports subscription plan


The Virgin Gaming eSports league has introduced a subscription plan designed to simplify the process of winning cash by excelling at video games.

Previously, those using the Virgin Gaming service on either Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 would be required to shell out a small fee for each match they hoped to participate in. These fees will still be available if you like the current system, but by joining Virgin Gaming Premium, you can replace each of them with one, single $5 monthly charge.

"[The subscription] takes away the small pain of giving up a share of the proceeds every time a players plays a match," stated Virgin Gaming executive vice president Wim Stocks. "That fee was discouraging people from playing more tournaments. This made a lot of sense. We expect broad participation among all skill levels."

On a more pragmatic note, Virgin Gaming also hopes that this subscription fee will provide the company a more reliable revenue stream than the old, fee-based system.

If you're an eSports fan hoping to join a community of like-minded virtual gladiators, Virgin Gaming is offering one month free when you sign up for your subscription. As with all such offers, signing up will require a credit card (or electronic form of payment), but players will not be charged until the first month of their membership ends.

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