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You can now turn your iPhone 5c into an adorable Pokémon


We already knew that Siri has turned millions of iPhones into real-life Pokédexes, but now it seems that the iPhone 5c can actually become a Pokémon, too. A Pokémon fan named George Michael Brower has created a set of iPhone 5c backgrounds and sticker templates that give the colorful smartphones an undeniably adorable look.

The five different iPhone 5c colors correspond almost magically to a handful of Pokémon characters -- Slowpoke, Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Squirtle and Seel, to be more specific. You can download the screen backgrounds and high-resolution sticker patterns for free via Brower's website. If you have an iPhone 5c and some adhesive printer paper on hand, you know what to do...

[via Kotaku]

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