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Bit.Trip Run devs consult demonic bird for advice


Commander Video has completed the race to mobile devices, with Bit.Trip Run due out on iOS on October 31 – that's right, just in time for your rainbow ninja costume to finally be relevant.

Bit.Trip Run launched a little early (Commander Video is really fast, you guys) in New Zealand, and a few people were able to pull the game info before it was taken down: The game features three worlds, 30 normal levels, 12 Challenge levels, 15 Retro levels and three boss battles. There are eight playable characters with 40 unlockable costumes, and a free update "coming soon" almost doubles the number of levels, worlds and goodies.

Bit.Trip Run is the mobile version of Bit.Trip Presents Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien – obviously, this title could be unnecessarily confusing for players browsing the App Store, so developer Gaijin Games kept it short and sweet. The controls are simple, too, featuring swipes and taps, Gaijin tells Polygon.

"In the end, implementing and testing out several different control schemes is what led us to our current swipe-based controls," Associate Producer Dant Rambo said. "It also doesn't hurt that we have friends in mobile development to provide pointers and suggestions. I mean, we also made a deal with a demonic bird who said it would help us create the perfect control scheme if we gave it our souls, but I doubt that played a major role."

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