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EVE Steam sale includes first month and some gear to immediately lose to pirates


If you've always wanted to get in the business of blowing up internet spaceships, now might be the time. Steam is currently offering the EVE Online Amarr starter pack as a weekend sale item, priced at 75% below normal. For $4.98, you'll receive your first month of EVE Online game time in addition to a Sarum Magnate frigate, some exploration equipment, a few skill books, and a skill booster -- all of which will look great after they're pried off your frozen corpse and mounted on a null-sec predator's mantle.

Purchasing EVE from CCP's official site runs you about $14, so the Steam sale represents a decent bit of savings. However, it is worth noting that Steam EVE accounts are not eligible for character transfers, and you must access the game through Steam to access your bonus starting items.

The deal ends October 28th.

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