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Steam weekend: Deep Silver deals, Mass Effect 2 and EVE Online 75% off


Steam is offering up a number of deals this weekend, including discounts on Deep Silver-published games. Among the series in Deep Silver's catalog that are on sale this weekend are the Metro, Risen, Saint's Row, Sacred and Dead Island series, with notable discounts on their respective bundles: The Metro Franchise Pack is 33 percent off ($36.84), the Risen Collection is half off ($19.99), the Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package bundle is 50 percent off ($14.99), the Dead Island Franchise Pack is 66 percent off ($16.99) and the Sacred Collection is just $17.49.

What's more, both Mass Effect 2 and EVE Online are 75 percent off this weekend, or just under $5 each. Three-month subscription plans for EVE Online are half off until Monday as well.

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