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Community Blog Topic Results: What's your endgame?


In last week's Community Blog Topic, we asked, "What's your endgame?" We got a wide variety of answers -- not just raiding.

In a nostalgic look back at endgames throughout the life of the game, Alstanar at Cogitationes Astalnaris says

My endgame these days consists of a heroic dungeon runs, and scenarios. I do a wing or two of Siege in LFR in course of the week. Depends on my patience. Every now and then, I go and do a quick level or three on my various warrior and paladin alts. I work on my old reputations that I neglected for years. Wrap up the quests in old zones I missed while I leveled up. I stay away from PvP and pet battles. Not my cup of tea.

LFR would be part of Bravetank1 at Bravetank's emdgame, but

I want to do LFR at end game. And I want to enjoy it. I am never going to be a "proper" raider. But I do like LFR level raiding. I like it a lot. Or at least I like it a lot when it goes well. And by well I don't mean no mistakes and no wipes. No - Irecognise that these are an important part of the game, part of the challenge, part of the learning curve. No – by going well I mean when the people are nice, friendly & tolerant. Or if incapable of that then at least neutrally silent. But unfortunately I see neither of these things in LFR. I usually see impatience, intolerance & abuse. And this is an unwelcome part of my WoW end game & is turning me away from something I should be enjoying.
alykii at Dead Gnomes Society has a varied and extensive endgame including,
My end game goal is still to clear all raid content, but I also want to finish leveling ALL THE THINGS! I have 9 toons at level 90. I still have to get my 87 rogue as well as my baby warrior and monk up to 90. For years, I've wanted to get every class to max level, and each xpac I manage to get a couple more toons there. In TBC, I only had my paladin, hunter and warlock. In Wrath, it was my paladin, warlock, mage, priest, druid and hunter. In Cataclysm it was my priest, druid, warlock, mage, shaman, hunter, paladin and DK. In MOP I added a 2nd druid to that mix. I've got 3 more classes to get leveled.
Part of crohmar at Maw of the Moonkin's endgame is making money from crafting.
Money. I like to craft, and earn money. I watch the market a bit. I dont go out of my way to create crazy expensive items or anything, I don't "play the AH" (as in buying underprized items to sell them for higher prizes).

I do use my farm, I use all the crafting skills to craft stuff like trillium bars, living steel, enchants, gems, and slowly but surely, my money counter is going up. Another reason why I'd dislike "account wide professions"... I wrote about that.
JeffLaBowski at Sportsbard's goal is to raid, but for now has other things going on.
My endgame though is a balance between new content and old content. As an altoholic, I am an opportunist when it comes to changing things up. This week started Hallow's End, Warcraft's version of Halloween. This is the time for me to jump on alts and take them trick or treating for XP and gold. Occasional, holiday boss for a try at the Headless Horseman's reins.

I'm also leveling a few other characters from 85-90, doing mainly Pet Battles and city cooking/fishing dailies. Trick or treating will definitely be added to this, because for some reason I never tire of this activity. It can also be shared with friends and strangers alike.
For Revnah, it's raiding.
I found a sweet spot in the shape of a casual raid with only 2 nights a week, but with reasonably good progress. We're currently 1/14 heroic and counting, and I look forward to every raid night with my very nice guildies. I always say raiding is the most fun I have with my clothes on!
Many agree with robgrayert who laments the lack of a PvP endgame.
Just running my main and one alt through Timeless Isle got me full sets of gear for almost three other alts, so I'm leveling them to cap right now. My endgame used to be PVP, but I'm not finding that very compelling in Mists. Maybe we should have had another Tol Barad this expansion?
ZaphodBeeblebr6 is enjoying flex raiding among other things.
I've started doing flex one night on the weekend. And I have to say, I like the new raid. I really like how people can join and drop out and you can just keep going. (As long as you have enough tanks and heals) I've barely set foot in LFR because of that. Don't want to mess up and waste a coin roll there. Have been having pretty good luck on the loot too. The Ordos and timeless loot fills in the holes nicely. I give 5.4 a thumbs up so far. Staying power remains to be seen.

Yoshihito is making use of oQueue.
Flex Raiding through oQueue! With my irregular schedule and love of challenging raiding it's been the answer to all my prayers :) (the challenging part is subjective, but it's 100x better than LFR for me)
Dream waxes poetically.
PvP all day, on K'J its the only way to play
DamionPseudonym is enjoying the wide range of endgame choices right now.
We're in what is basically my favorite part of any expansion, the EPL (End Phase Lull, not Eastern Plague Lands). There's time to do whatever I want, which is odd to say about a videogame that is supposed to be a leisure activity, but it's true. Now that there is no "next big thing" hovering right over the horizon, people are starting to relax a bit, RP is making it's usual resurgence, and Azerothian life is, in general, kicking back on the porch with a Mint Julep and discussing the weather for a spell, instead of rushing pell mell to kill the Next Big Thing.
kageokami has this to say:
To be honest I hate the term "end game". Every "part of the game" is "the game". One could equally define "end game" as anything that is done once one's "main" is at level cap. Anything.
If you have any ideas for future Community Blog Topics, please suggest them in the comments.

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