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Devs dish out details in City of Titans interview

MJ Guthrie

With such an outpouring of support for City of Titan's Kickstarter campaign, you can bet there's a crowd of fans who want to hear as much as they can about the game as often as they can. And thanks to an interview at MMO Games with CoT Project Lead Chris Hare and Technical Director Nate Downes, they can. Fans get to hear some juicy tidbits about their favorite aspiring game like how the game came upon its new title, why CryEngine 3 was dropped in favor of the Unreal Engine, and plans for player-generated content (partially out of respect for a prominent City of Heroes player, the solid track record of Unreal 3, and possible costume contests and sport leagues, respectively).

Besides playing a hero or a villain, the team is also planning for a special costume slot to allow players to run around as a secret identity. Devs are also looking at ways of making this secret ID playable within the game.

[Thanks to Dengar for the tip!]

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