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iPhone 5s and 5c now on sale in 35 more countries


If you were disappointed that your country missed out on the initial iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c launches, we have good news: you can (probably) buy the smartphones today. As promised, Apple has released both devices in 35 more countries, including Russia, South Korea and wide swaths of Europe. There hasn't been quite as much fanfare as there was in September, however. Our colleagues at Engadget Chinese covered the launch in Taiwan, and noticed that retail demand was mixed -- since many customers could pre-order their iPhones, only some stores had long queues. Those who haven't yet seen the new iPhones won't have to wait long, at least. Apple plans to ship the 5s and 5c to 16 more countries on November 1st, and the handsets should reach 100 nations by December.

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