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Pinterest pairs up with Getty Images, tells you who shot your pinned photos (among other things)


Pinterest may be all about pictures (and some ads), but a deal sealed today with Getty Images will provide users with some very important words as well: photo metadata. Why should you care? It means that you'll now get a whole host of info along with any Getty pictures you pin. So, you'll be able to see things like the title, caption and the photographer's name from any of Getty's vast catalog of pictures. And, that info will make it easier for you to find similar and related photos to stick on Pinterest's digital boards. As for the deal itself, Pinterest is paying Getty an undisclosed sum for the data and will make sure all photos will be properly attributed. In return, Pinterest gets the aforementioned benefits for its users, and eliminates any copyright complications it might have faced from Getty. Two birds, one stone. Well played, Pinterest.

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