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Pokemon X/Y 1.1 patch goes live, fixes Lumiose City save glitch


Poke-trainers will save without fear (hopefully!) thanks to a new patch released today. The Pokemon X/Y 1.1 update is live on eShops worldwide, and according to Nintendo UK it kills the glitch that caused the game to lock up when saving in Lumiose City, and it fixes save files already corrupted by the glitch. I briefly tested it today with my copy of Pokemon X, and sure enough I was able to save within the city and continue my game after.

Also apparently fixed is the GTS bug that caused crashes whenever you tried to trade for a Pokemon found using filters. Again, my quick test worked like a candy-covered Pika-treat, and I got myself a fluffy little Furfrou for an Azumarill.

Download the patch now by going to the eShop, where it'll appear as an available update. It should auto-install, but you can check if it has in the starter menu: Before you load your save file, look for "Ver. 1.1" in the bottom right of the lower screen. If it's there, you go catch 'em all to your heart's content. And then trade 'em with me!

Please? I have a Jynx. And a Mr Mime. Hello?

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