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Vine updates to add drafts and editing tools


Your Vines are about to become significantly more watchable. The Twitter-owned social video-sharing app has released a new update that adds a new "Sessions" feature, which allows you to save videos in drafts. That's right. No more being forced to finish a Vine perfectly the first time and then immediately publishing it. You can take your time.

The update allows you to access up to 10 different Vine sessions at one time.

That's not all, Vinesters. Along with Sessions, the update delivers the app's first set of editing tools, allowing you to go into your shorts and remove, reorder or replace shots in your clips. Sadly Vine still lacks the ability to import video clips from your Camera Roll, so if that's important to you, your only option is Instagram. Still, this update is a major step for Vine, one that will dramatically improve the quality of the clips in your feed. And given how much wonderful work is already available on the service, that is great news.

You can find the update in the iOS store for free.

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