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Community Blog Topic: Should characters be scaled to low-level content?


This week's Community Blog Topic asks, "Should characters be scaled to low-level content -- or any content lower than max level?"

Olivia Grace recently reported on a possible feature allegedly stumbled upon, shown in the video above. The player somehow accidentally ported into Stratholme as a max level and his gear and health were scaled down to match the instance level. If this is not a hoax, it looks like there is some functionality imbedded into the system to allow for scaling characters down to dungeon levels. This would presumably allow players to play with their leveling friends and still allow the lower level players to get experience.

But how would this work? Would you automatically be scaled to the dungeon's level even if you went in alone? Or would it be an option so that high level characters could still farm lower level content for pets and transmog gear? And would this be the only scalable content? Would you be able to lower your level so that you can quest together as well?

What about high, but not max, level characters? Would they be able to earn experience along with the lower level player? Or would scaling only be an option for max level characters? And what would the rewards be like? Would the loot remain the same or would the higher level character get special tokens or something else more useful?

I would think that it would be an optional setting so that it would still be possible to go back and farm or even just run someone through the instance. I also think that it would be much more difficult to apply this feature to questing, unless it was applied to the entire zone and that this would have to be optional as well.

Do you think scaling a high level character down to an instance's level would be a good thing? Do you think it should be optional? What would you use as far as rewards?

Blog about your answer and post a link in the comments, or if you don't have a WoW-related blog, respond in the comments below. We'll spotlight some of the responses next week.

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