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There's more to 'The Girl and the Robot' than a girl and a robot


The Girl and the Robot is indeed about a girl and her robot, but it's also about a bunch of other, unfriendly automatons, an evil queen, a magical pendant and friendship. The girl, escaping from the evil queen, finds a robot that only she can control using her magical necklace, and together they fight through hordes of rogue metal men sent to capture them.

It's a third-person action adventure game from indie studio Flying Carpets, which includes a team of former EA and Gameloft developers. Flying Carpets is based in Montreal, but it has members in Japan and England as well.

The alpha for The Girl and the Robot is $9 for PC via Humble Store or Desura, and the game is up on Steam Greenlight Concepts right now. On Tuesday, October 29, Flying Carpets will launch a $15,000 Kickstarter campaign to help finish up development. If it goes well, maybe they'll use that cash to just build a robot to finish the game for them.

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