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Super Castlevania 4 haunts Wii U eShop on Halloween


Konami's classic 16-bit platformer Super Castlevania 4 will hit the Wii U's eShop this Halloween, Nintendo revealed this week.

Following up on a trilogy of 8-bit releases, Super Castlevania 4 brought the series to the Super NES in 1991 with multidirectional whip attacks, screen-filling boss encounters, and a boatload of showy Mode 7 background effects, as was the popular thing to do at the time. The Wii U version offers a series of upgrades over the game's 2006 Virtual Console release, including off-TV play, savestate support, and Miiverse integration.

Super Castlevania 4 will be priced at $7.99 when it launches in the eShop on October 31. Players who previously purchased the Wii Virtual Console version can upgrade to the Wii U edition for $1.50.

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