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Trine 2 to tell its Complete Story on PS4


Frozenbyte is self-publishing Trine 2 on PS4, with the announcement coming after Finnish gaming convention DigiExpo let the next-gen cat out of the bag. The indie studio didn't note a release window, but did confirm the PS4 version is the Complete Story edition.

As per the updated Steam version, that means the PS4 port features the Goblin Menace expansion and the previously Wii U-exclusive Dwarven Caverns level. Frozenbyte also revealed the PS4 version runs at 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second, and comes with stereoscopic 3D support, just to be extra pretty.

Trine 2's gorgeous worlds caught the eye in 2011, but Richard found its puzzles a little bit wanting in his three-and-a-half-stars review. That said, being able to solve them with friends helped make the game's fantastical adventure enjoyable, if not quite fantastic.

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