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27" iMac display fault spurs class-action lawsuit


An Idaho man has filed a class-action lawsuit against over the failure of the display on his 27-inch iMac just 18 months after he bought it, reports GigaOm. Though the iMac was outside Apple's standard 12-month warranty when the display began having issues, the customer, Corbin Rasmussen, felt the product did not live up to Apple's claims that the iMac was "designed for a long productive life."

After dealing with a display where 50% of the screen went dim, and finding similar stories on Apple's support forums, Rasmussen decided to sue for deception under California's consumer protection laws on behalf of himself and others others who purchased the computer.

According to the lawsuit filed, the case is worth more than US$5 million if Apple is found guilty. If so, everyone in America who bought a 27-inch iMac with an LG LED-backlit display before December 2012 could be offered compensation.

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