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Dark Matter pulled from GOG as developer retools ending


Trouble continues to mount for InterWave Studios' side-scrolling survival horror PC game Dark Matter, which has now been pulled from multiple online storefronts following player allegations that the game was released as an incomplete product.

Dark Matter players were greeted with an abrupt ending after reaching a specific point during gameplay, offering no resolution to its storyline or any buildup to a conclusion. The game was removed from Steam following a barrage of consumer complaints, and Good Old Games issued refunds to affected players.

Good Old Games has since removed Dark Matter from its database entirely, at publisher Iceberg Interactive's request.

"We were actually contacted by the publisher about this: They asked us to take it down while the developer renovated the ending," GOG's Head of PR and Marketing Department Trevor Longino told Joystiq. "We had already decided that offering our users their money back if they bought the game before we updated the description to reflect the game more accurately was enough for the moment -- although we were still investigating the matter and seeing if further steps were necessary -- but were happy enough to agree to the publisher's request when they asked us."

Dark Matter failed to meet its Kickstarter goal earlier this year, leading developer InterWave Studios to repackage the game as an episodic series. The finished product was not advertised as the first episode of a series, however, spurring complaints over its sudden ending.

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