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Hearthstone brain teasers teach you about the game


If you've been keeping up with the official Hearthstone blog, you may be familiar with their puzzle series. They present a few game set-ups and then give you an objective to complete that turn -- usually it's to win the game! Many of the set-ups seem impossible or near-impossible, but that's what makes the puzzles so intriguing. What a great method for teaching players how to approach even seemingly dire situations.

So far there have been three Hearthstone puzzle posts:

The first post contains two puzzles, and the next two each contain three. The puzzles are ranked in order of difficulty on a scale of mana crystals; 5/5 being the most difficult, 1/5 being the simplest. So far the puzzles have definitely skewed toward the quite difficult, so make sure you bring your A game. Head on over to the official Hearthstone site to test your knowledge of the game with these set-ups, and let us know how you do!

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