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Metareview: Battlefield 4


War, huh? What - Is it good, 4?

Well, Dave certainly thought Battlefield 4 was good in his review, in which he unloaded four and a half stars' worth of praise onto DICE's first-person shooter. That said, there's many a soldier out there on the Battlefield, and you might be interested in what they have to say.

  • Game Informer (8.75/10): "Battlefield 4 doesn't advance the series in any significant way, but the subtle improvements provide enough incentive for multiplayer fans to invest heavily in the land, air, and sea battles. Given the underwhelming performance of yet another story campaign, maybe DICE was on to something in ignoring single-player altogether in Battlefield 1942. Imagine what the studio could do if it invested all that manpower into making its already good multiplayer experience even better."
  • IGN (8.5/10): "Battlefield 4 is an excellent multiplayer game that makes the most of its ambitions, proving once again that destruction is a valuable strategic addition to competitive combat, which reaches its full potential with two killer Commanders are bringing out the best in their squads. On the other hand, its single-player campaign is a disappointing, but functioning and familiar game with overwhelming action and remarkable spectacle."
  • PC Gamer (84/100): "DICE is certainly guilty of taking an 'if it ain't broke' attitude to creating Battlefield 4, but its modest multiplayer refinements alongside excellent maps are enough to make it one of our favorite current FPSes. A cynic would call Battlefield 4 a deluxe map pack in sequel's clothing. If that's your predisposition, know that it's at least a wonderful map pack, one with enough variety, depth, and quality to survive a year of intense play."
  • Polygon (7.5/10): "DICE has failed once again to make Battlefield 4 a serious single-player contender. But its emphasis on ambitious, team-based multiplayer does wonders to wash the taste of that failure away. Battlefield 4 takes the elements that have made each installment work and glues them together successfully - even if some rough edges show here or there."
  • USGamer (3.5/5): "Even if it doesn't reach the dizzying heights to to which it aspires as a AAA shooter, though, Battlefield 4's core modes remain great, and they will only get better as new maps and vehicles become available. Thanks to its sheer enormousness, it retains a particular niche that I personally find very appealing, and I expect to continue playing throughout the year. I just hope I don't have to spend too much time in Chinese prison."

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