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New Xbox Live terms of use wants your most current contact info - for safety


Microsoft announced it will roll out a new Xbox Live terms of use this week, which will require users to "commit to keeping their contact information up to date." For example, this means users must keep their linked email addresses and phone numbers updated on their Xbox Live accounts.

Those that accept the new terms of use will also allow Microsoft to share personal information "such as your name, address, email address and date of birth" with services that users link accounts with on Xbox Live such as Netflix, Hulu and ESPN. The current terms of use uses similar language in describing how Microsoft already shares private information:

"If you choose to link your Services account with the account of a Microsoft party on the Xbox LIVE service (for example, a game publisher or app provider), you agree that Microsoft may share limited account information with that Microsoft party. Such account information may include name, address, email and age but will not include any credit card or other payment information."

Those "Microsoft parties" are the company's "affiliates, resellers, distributors, service providers, partners and suppliers," so the new terms of use appear to stretch beyond that to these third-party services. As it stands now, users can access their account settings on to opt-out of sharing contact information with Xbox partners.

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