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The Queue: Scream-O-Vision

Anne Stickney

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) is dedicating this Queue to Mrs. Ashley Huggbees of Fullers Earth, Arizona. HUGGBEES!

Here it is, nearly Halloween and we haven't had anything remotely scary or Halloween-related in the Queue. Also we haven't had nearly enough Freakazoid lately, so this should solve both of those problems quite nicely.

rogueleader1 asked:

Q for the Q: With the eventual revamp of the races within the game, do you think Blizzard will allow us to customize the look of our toons again? I only ask because what looks good enough now may look atrocious with the updated models.

I would say, from a theoretical standpoint, that it would be in Blizzard's best interests to provide everyone with free character re-customizations when they introduce the new models. That way people can pick what they like, and change what they don't like. I'd also say it might be a good idea to allow people to keep the old models if they really want to -- some people get really attached to the way their character looks, even if the model is super old.

buttsandbutts asked:

Are there any possible solutions to the faction imbalance issues on the majority of servers? The server merges / connected realms are a wonderful thing, but I consider this to be a somewhat separate issue and there's definitely still a point of pain there :)

Here's the issue with trying to magically create faction balance -- players on servers are not anchored to playing on those servers forever and ever. Servers go through a state of flux, and the population of servers always tends to shift over the years. Because players can pay to transfer to whichever faction they choose, or to whatever server they happen to like, there is no way to guarantee that a server is going to be "faction balanced." Sure, they could connect some realms and create a 50/50 perfect split with the realm connection feature. But eventually more players are going to roll or transfer onto one of those servers, some players will leave for other servers, and that carefully constructed faction balance will shift. It may happen slowly, it may happen quickly, but it will happen -- it's just one of those things that seems to be a natural part of server activity.

HellaBella247 asked:

Q for the Q: After going through Valley of the Four Winds again on an alt, i came across this quest where Li Li mentions to always look behind waterfalls for caves. Was this just her trolling or has anyone ever found any secret caves out in Pandaria?

Hidden caves behind waterfalls is a super, super common trope in books, movies and especially video games -- The Legend of Zelda series has been stuffing secret caves behind waterfalls ever since the original game was released in 1986. That said, I think this was just a reference to the trope, rather than a reference to a real, hidden cave behind a waterfall somewhere -- I've never actually found one anywhere that was really noteworthy.

Trinnian asked:

QftQ: If you had to choose one criticism of the way Professions work, what would it be? For me it's the random recipe learning for items that have a negligible increase in player power or economic viability.

I just got a second alt up to level 90. I didn't do it because I want to raid with the character. I didn't do it because I wanted to deck her out in the best possible gear. I didn't do it because I wanted to switch mains, I didn't do it because I totally loved the class (It's another druid, by the by, this time on Horde side).

I did it because my main character has both Engineering and Jewelcrafting as her two professions, and I needed a second character to go gather stuff. To me, that is really, really backwards, and signifies that there is something wrong with the system. I feel obligated to have two powerful professions on my main because both of the bonuses from those professions help my DPS and performance in raids. If I choose a gathering profession instead of one of those two really good professions, I'm missing out on potential DPS. This is something that Ghostcrawler has mentioned before as being an issue they are thinking about, however.

And this is the part where I quietly mention that I have yet another alt that is low level, will never be max level, and was created specifically to maintain its own guild complete with guild bank to hold all the non-soulbound items that I have no space for on my main character because I have so many soulbound items I'd like to keep that my bank, void storage, and most of my bags are full. So ... while we're looking at potentially weird reasons to roll an alt and how to solve that problem, how about a little more bag space?

onegoodberger asked:

Where in the vale is the tree with the clickable banners that play the cinematics?

When you defeat Garrosh Hellscream, you will receive a quest to speak with Lorewalker Cho in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. After you complete the quest and view the cinematic, you'll be able to see the tree. It's right by the shores of the former lake in front of Mogu'shan Palace. You will not see the tree, or the cinematics, until you have defeated Garrosh Hellscream and completed the quest.

Dontticklemeelmo asked:

What was the most memorable moment of MoP that took your breath away?

Honestly, there were quite a few. The cinematic at the end of the Jade Forest storyline really hit me hard, because it had been hammered into my head just how important that jade statue really was not more than ten minutes before. Vol'jin getting out and out stabbed hit me hard, too -- particularly when you had to leave him behind. And I think the worst was the quest in the Dread Wastes when you help Chen Stormstout look for any surviving Stormstouts. If you haven't done it, go do it.

But happy take my breath away moments, I've had lots of those, too! For me, it was largely about the scenery and the characters I met along the way. The first time I saw Halfhill in a rainstorm was amazing. I think every raid zone had at least one if not several moments where I just stopped and looked at the scenery. If you ever want a really jaw-dropping moment of fun, try looking up the next time you're in a raid zone or a dungeon. The ceilings and sights you see above you are just as detailed and beautiful as the stuff you see in front of you while walking around.

@_Vsmit asked via Twitter:

If Garrosh grew up on Draenor, why would he let the Dark Shaman torture the elements? Wouldn't Geyah have taught him better?

I think you're mistaking torture for control. In traditional shamanism, the shaman asks the elements to grant him their aid, and the elements decide whether or not that would be a really good idea. The Dark Shaman simply control and force the elements to do their bidding, instead of asking. Shamanism is and always has been about the connection between the elements and the world, and the respect and reverence granted to those elements. That's why the Dark Shaman are such an anathema, so abhorrent to the shaman of the Earthen Ring -- there is no reverence, there is no respect, there is just domination and control.

As for Garrosh -- Geyah wouldn't have taught him anything about it. He's not a shaman, never has been. He has a military mind and expects orders to be obeyed -- and if orders are not obeyed, consequences will be dealt out. I doubt Garrosh finds anything wrong with the Dark Shaman at all -- they are simply providing the services a shaman would offer, but providing them with a kind of prompt efficiency that wouldn't be possible if simply left up to the whim of the elements. For more on the nature of shamanism, I really recommend the Warcraft: Shaman manga. It's an excellent book, well written, and the artwork is top-notch. The story in there really illustrates the different mindset between the Earthen Ring, and those that think along the same lines as the Dark Shaman.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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