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Titanfall will be PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One exclusive for 'life of the title' (update: studio head speaks out)


Titanfall, one of Microsoft's big reveals at its E3 presser, will remain an PC and Xbox platform exclusive "for the life of the title." That's according to Electronic Arts' CFO Blake Jorgensen, explaining during the gamemaker's financial call today. This comes just a week after developer Respawn Entertainment revealed the game's March 2014 release date and hefty $250 collector's edition. If this is a make-or-break for you on choosing which next-gen console to buy first, maybe there's still an Xbox One pre-order hiding out there somewhere.

Update: Respawn studio head Vince Zampella took to Twitter stating that Titanfall had always been planned as a Microsoft exclusive at launch, but that "EA made the deal for the rest, we only found out recently." This makes it sound as if the team had plans to bring the title to other platforms in the future, but the business end put the kibosh on the notion.

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