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Uncharted Waters makes port at new publisher OGPlanet this fall

MJ Guthrie

The free-to-play naval game Uncharted Waters Online drops anchor at a new publisher this fall, partnering with OGPlanet. All player accounts will be transferred to OGPlanet and the game will re-launch with a focus on expanding the North American playerbase. Current players will find all information pertaining to the service migration (such as thank you sales and current server shut down date) on the Netmarble site.

In UWO, players can relive and rewrite the history of the 15th Century, sailing the world in authentic period ships (like The English Frigate, Baltic Galleon, Spanish Carrack, and Turkish Galley) and participating in strategic battles. Whether starting as an Adventurer, a Merchant, or a Soldier, players amass wealth and power, discover new worlds, and even claim unoccupied islands. Get a taste of the game in the cinematic trailer below.

[Source: OGPlanet press release]

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