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Addressing common Mavericks issues

Ilene Hoffman

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There are a number of issues with the new OS X Mavericks and the Gadget Lab at has published a helpful article on how to fix a few of them. Some problems, as stated in the article, must be fixed by Apple, but you can remedy a few issues yourself.

In "6 Known Issues with OS X Mavericks and How to Fix Them," Wired's Roberto Baldwin tells us:

1. How to jump start a stalled Mavericks download.

2. How to make your Gmail IMAP settings work with the changes in Apple Mail. This tip is only for people who have changed their Gmail settings previously. TUAW's Megan Lavey-Heaton has also noted some problems with Mail and Gmail, which you might find helpful in her article, "How Mavericks ruined Apple Mail for Gmail users."

3. How to fix the loss of scroll bars in the Chrome browser and other applications.

4. How to fix Apple Mail forgetting your password each time you log in.

5. How to fix slow or stalled restarts and shutdowns of your Mac. This tip uses the Terminal app, found in your Utilities folder inside your Applications folder. One word of caution, if you don't normally use Terminal, please make sure you copy the lines Baldwin gives us exactly. You don't want any nasty surprises to crop up in your OS.

6. How to fix Shared Links in Mavericks. Shared Links is a new Apple added Safari Twitter/LinkedIn client that doesn't seem to update well. Baldwin shows us how to create a Shortcut to update the Shared Links easily.

In another useful tip article, Chris Breen at Macworld explains how to address the problem on Why Mavericks' movies may not preview properly. If you can no longer preview some of your movie files, this article explains the fix.

TUAW is producing a number of video tips to help you with your OS X Mavericks update, so don't forget to check our pages for new content and helpful advice.

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