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From the Future: An iPhone accessory that reads your brain waves to discover your interests


Your iPhone already knows a lot about you, but everything it's learned about you is a direct result of you inputting information on a screen. Wouldn't it be way more convenient if your fancy handset could just read your thoughts instead? If Toyko-based Neurowear has its way, that very thing may be possible sooner that you think.

The first example of the technology at work is with a new prototype device called the Neurocam. Using a not-so-stylish headset -- called the MindWave Mobile -- to read and analyze your brain waves, the company claims that the Neurocam attachment and accompanying software gauge your interest in whatever you look at. Using the data from the brain-wave scanner, your iPhone assigns a value to everything you see, from 1 to 100, and when it senses a spike, a short five-second video is created to capture it.

It's a pretty wild idea, and the teaser video created by Neurowear lands somewhere between futuristic and downright goofy. Still, it's a remarkable use of the technology, and would almost certainly be a treat to play around with. At the moment, there don't appear to be any plans to bring the existing version of the product to retail, though the company seems enthusiastic about eventually integrating brain scanning into a consumer device.

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