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Planetside 2: boots on the ground for PS4 in early 2014


Sony Online Entertainment head honcho John Smedley says his studio's free-to-play MMO shooter, Planetside 2, is coming to PS4 "early next year." Jump to the 1:10 mark in the Bloomberg video interview for Smedley's comments on porting DC Universe, which is due on PS4 in November, and Planetside 2.

Planetside 2, which launched on the PC nearly a year ago, won't support cross-platform play on either platform. Sony confirmed neither game would require a PS Plus membership to play.

Earlier today, Sony issued the launch day lineup of retail and downloadable games for the PS4, which is set to make its debut in the US on November 15. The games list was accompanied by a massive FAQ on the PS4, which included more than a few revelations - like the inability to publish videos on YouTube at launch.

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