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Amazing Cloud Serpent Pumpkin


Given that it's actually Hallowe'en today, this is an incredibly appropriate piece to be doing rather well on Reddit. It's an amazing pumpkin carving of a Cloud Serpent, that's caught the attention of many Blizzard people, and with good reason! It might not be totally clear unless you look at the picture at the bottom right of the header, then progress back through them, but the detail on this is just stunning. I am blown away by the pumpkin carving that people do every year, and this one really takes the cake.

The use of varying depths of carving to create the detail of the scales, the faded-out saddle, and the bright glow of the eyes and the fire the dragon is breathing just blow me away -- it's all I can do to cut two eyes and a mouth! You should definitely hit up the Imgur to see the rest of the pumpkin, even the less interesting sides are amazing. And if remarkable pumpkin carving is your thing, Blizzard's contest is a must-see. Some of the things people create just blow my mind. And whoever carved this Cloud Serpent pumpkin should definitely enter the contest!

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