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WoW Moviewatch: You Stole My Toon


Work Warning: A little cursing.

We shared a video from Rogahar the other day, but this isn't the first collaboration from that master of music machinima. You Stole My Toon features a song by Sharm and incredible graphics from Rogahar. The final scene took 50 hours to render; that's not chump change. Here's what Rogahar had to say about the video:

Anybody who's felt the sting of character/account theft in any game should be able to sympathise here, and god knows how we all wish we could hunt down and repeatedly murder the stealing little [expletive deleted]s. Looks like Sharm's rogue is no different!

Take the time to check out the video and leave feedback. It's really quite brilliant and one of the best we've seen for a while. Thanks to John for the tip! We've featured it before, but it seems new to plenty of folks.
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