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Brad McQuaid looks to Kickstarter for new MMO

Shawn Schuster

Brad McQuaid, best known as one of the original EverQuest designers and Executive Producer on Vanguard, is throwing out hints for his newest upcoming MMO that he plans to fund through Kickstarter.

In a series of tweets, McQuaid asks for interested fans to submit questions for him to use on his Kickstarter campaign video. "Please email your questions to," the tweets suggest. "We're excited to start this dialog with our future players! We hope to have our kickstarter page up in the next 3 weeks or so... The game is high fantasy and if you've played EQ 1 and/or Vanguard, you've got a general idea of what the game's about and what kind of questions to ask :)"

But McQuaid doesn't want to leave out the younger players: "I should also add that if you are a younger player & didn't play EQ or VG, but you want a challenging game & not a game that tries to be all things to all players, then you should feel right at home too, so please send us some questions as well :)"

After being rehired by SOE in 2012 to work on Vanguard and EverQuest, McQuaid was let go in August of this year. We first heard hints at this new MMO project back in September.

[Thanks to BabaGraPL for the tip!]

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