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Destiny devs on Star Wars influences and the MMO stigma

Jef Reahard

How does Bungie plan to escape the shadow of its own Halo megaverse in the upcoming sci-fi shooter Destiny? By going the Star Wars route, according to a piece at IGN. The dev team even has a name for its genre-melding mashup, and the ingredients include Force-like abilities and gunpowder to go along with the new IP's spaceships and ray guns.

"Internally we've started calling it Mythic Science Fiction; a world that's rooted in science fiction but with more fantastical elements than we've ever had before, at least with Halo," said Bungie senior writer Eric Osborne. "So you can have a guy with a cape and a gun that shoots gunpowder but then he can use the power of the Traveller, which is effectively light, to fire flames at his enemy and disintegrate them."

So, is Destiny an MMO? Sort of, according to Osborne. "There are certain places where the tag is certainly applicable. We want to bring players together in a shared space while making everyone feel unique. That's certainly the realm of MMOs, as is that social aspect of getting people to meet one another and play with one another and form bonds and lasting relationships," he says. "So there are [MMO] aspects, it's just that out of the gate we wanted to explain that it's an action game from Bungie."

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