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Engadget Eurocast 041 - 10.31.13

Jon Turi, @jonturi

Welcome to the Halloween edition of the Engadget Eurocast, with your hosts Dan Cooper, James Trew and Jamie Rigg. For this episode, Dan's dropped the beard and the shaggy haircut, James claims to be the handsome one of the crew (although Trades Descriptions may contest the fact) and Jamie is now definitively Vine famous. There's lots to chat about this week, from Ashton Kutcher's new position as a Lenovo product engineer (wait, what?) to Google's inclusion of a mono earbud as a bone conduction alternative for its Glass spectacles. All the streaming links can be found down below, so strap in for another wild podcast ride; this one's a doozy.

Hosts: Dan Cooper, James Trew, Jamie Rigg

Producer: Jon Turi

Hear the Podcast:

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