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Expand NY: Come see bionic suits, play VR games, mingle with robots and get special perks courtesy of


November's here, and that means Expand NY is mere days away, people! If you're among those unfortunate souls who have yet to buy their tickets to the show, perhaps a rundown of some of what you'll see on the show floor will serve as sufficient enticement to join us.

Like robots? We've got those in spades. Carnegie Mellon's modular snakebot will be slithering around, the da Vinci surgical system will be making its second Expand appearance and Ekso Bionics' human exoskeleton will be there, too. If wearables are your thing, Pivothead's glasses that record 1080p will be on hand and Avegant's retinal display will be there to beam video directly into your eyeballs. Maybe you're a gamer? If so, take a spin through a virtual neighborhood with Paper Dude VR, stroll around digital worlds via the Virtuix Omni VR treadmill or get your Android gaming fix courtesy of Mad Catz's M.O.J.O. micro-console.

Perhaps you're into more... practical gadgets? Pelican Imaging is showing off its unique array cameras for mobile devices, Western Digital will be there with its My Cloud personal cloud storage drives, Improv Electronics is bringing its Boogie Board Sync eWriter and Karma will be spreading the WiFi sharing gospel with its 4G mobile hotspots. Not only that, but Simple.TV's demoing its personal streaming DVR, 3D Systems will be showing off something new (and currently super secret) and Quirky and GE will be showing off some of the new inventions that have sprung from their recent partnership.

Still not sold on coming to Expand NY? Well, we've teamed up with to provide a whole host of perks to folks using any of Microsoft's email services (Outlook,, or Hotmail). Sign up here and you'll get express registration, preferred seating at conference sessions and access to our Expand kickoff party on Friday, November 8th, where you'll get to hang out with all of the Engadget editors! Full details about Outlook's offer can be found here, or go the regular route to get yourself a ticket to Expand NY. We'll see you there.

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