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Game Dev Story creator launches Pocket Harvest on Android


Game Dev Story developer Kairosoft launched its latest creation, Pocket Harvest, on Android recently. The game costs $4.99 (£2.99 in the UK) and is in the same style as Kairosoft's other creations. The farming simulator has players planting and cultivating produce like strawberries and lettuce as well as raising animals like sheep and chickens to create wool and eggs.

The game also challenges players with refining their crops so they win awards, which attracts local grocers that opt to place orders with their farms. Like other city and life simulators, players can develop attractions to bring tourists into town, building on their farm's bottom line. After developing a top-tier racing team, a game development studio, a soccer team and now a farm, we wonder what "story" Kairosoft will place us in next.

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