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Joystiq Poll: Do you use your console for listening to music?


Sony outlined the Day 1 features of the PlayStation 4 this week but, surprisingly, one of the company's most controversial announcements had nothing to do with games at all. According to the PS4 FAQ, the PlayStation 4 won't support MP3 audio playback (or even audio CDs), and the console can't stream media from a PC. In other words, the only way you'll be able to listen to music on the PS4 is through Sony's Music Unlimited service. The service also supports custom in-game soundtracks.

Regarding both MP3 and media server support, Sony notes that it appreciates consumer feedback and is "exploring possibilities," so it's possible things could change. Sony will also be announcing "other entertainment services" before launch, so internet radio apps aren't out of the picture just yet (and many internet radio services work just fine through console web browsers). As of right now, however, existing personal music collections outside of Music Unlimited have been nixed.

That makes this week's poll question pretty simple: Is listening to music on game consoles an important feature? Multimedia features have been a big part of this generation, with game consoles doing everything from Netflix to Facebook to broadcasting UFC fights. Is your personal music collection an essential component to the console experience?

Give us your votes after the break, and share your opinions in the comments!


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