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Mobile controller Drone has full set of buttons, lacks iOS 7 support


Mobile gaming controller Drone recently hit its Kickstarter goal of $30,000 with three weeks left in its funding campaign. Developed by Redmond, Washington-based Evolution Controllers, the small game pad features two offset joysticks that click down, ten face buttons, two shoulder buttons and two triggers on its back side. The Drone comes in six colors: gloss and matte black, yellow, blue, red and a limited "Kickstarter green." It is compatible with all PC and Mac games that use a mouse and keyboard, Android, Ouya, Microsoft's Surface tablet and iCade games on iOS.

Evolution Controllers notes that while the open-source controller supports all kinds of devices, it doesn't connect with iOS 7. In the comments section of its Kickstarter page, the developer says that "anyone who knows Apple knows that they love control over the products that they work with, and Open Source has NEVER been their game" and that "Apple has very rigid design guidelines that the current layout does not meet." The crowdfunding campaign's reward tiers indicate that one controller can be purchased for $59 with an estimated delivery date between December 2013 and January 2014. The Kickstarter project ends on November 23.

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