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Samsung bests the iPad in bizarrely tabulated J.D. Power Tablet Satisfaction Study


J.D. Power yesterday released the results of its 2013 tablet satisfaction survey, with Samsung tablets taking away the top prize. Overall, Samsung tablets scored 835 on a 1,000-point scale, just slightly edging out Apple's iPad, which checked in with a score of 833.

What's utterly bizarre, however, is that the scoring system used to reach those results is somewhat murky. To wit, the chart below illustrates how tablets from various manufacturers stack up against one another across several metrics. You'll note that the iPad bested Samsung tablets in every single category save for cost.

So what gives? The only plausible explanation I can muster is that cost is somehow weighted much more heavily than other variables. You know, minor factors such as performance and ease of use.


Meanwhile, in other tablet news, Apple's iPad Air launches today after receiving absolutely glowing reviews from critics across the board.

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